• The project, we'll start

    but first, coffee

  • A journey of a thousand leagues begins with coffee

  • members only

    Everyone, in the coffee business, can be a member

    Everyone? Everyone.

    Everyone, every purchase, every service gains you points.

    The more you spend, the more points you get

    extra points awarded for frequent purchases, more purchases

    A portion of our revenue will be pooled and distributed at the end of each year. All who spend will be eligible to benefit from this.

    One app, one card

    pre-paid Mastercard . KYC by banking regulators

    All purchases tracked via the one app, one card, one account.

    All users KYC-ed by country's banking institution regulator.


    have an education on our behalf

    One fortunate member will be awarded a scholarship to study for a first degree.

    Giving back to the ecosystem

    every New Year

    Another portion of our revenue will be channeled towards the continuity of the ecosystem. Is it to aid a farmer to realize her crop? Or to provide an alternative go-to-market channel? Or to create a new jazzy flavor that will grip a captive market?

    Whatever, a portion goes back to the ecosystem.

    Grand Draw

    every New Year

    Another portion of our revenue will pooled and ONE winner will be awarded the big prize. All will be eligible but only ONE will win it.


    Each point = a ticket to the Grand Draw.

  • store

    How do I sign up? By buying a card here.

  • about us

    the problem

    Sam took his education and working experience in Technology into HR Recruitment. Grew a habit for coffee and cafes. This business of a coffee card is his response to a wallet full of cardboard and plastic cafe cards, and mobile apps that never seem to gain him much rewards, despite cafes being his second home.

    the solution

    So came the idea and the business of the universal coffee card. So came ButFirstCoffee.

    the purpose

    To give everyone in the coffee economy, a common currency to earn and use. You can be a barista, a coffee drinker, resell a bag of beans, refer a sale, or be a stockist in your town. You earn points, which can be converted to money. And you can pay with points too.

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